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     ©1983 by Audra Spotts
©2004 by Audra Supplee


           Last Update  9-7-2010

Eddie Clegg Book CoverI Almost Love You,Eddie Clegg
By Audra Supplee

Text©2004 by Audra Supplee
Cover Illustration©2004 by Doran Ami
ISBN: 1-56145-308-0

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Thirteen-year-old Asa Marie Philips has already learned some valuable lessons about middle school: Never wear a white shirt on pottery day.  Don’t wear too many layers when you have gym.  Never wear the same colored socks two days in a row even if they’re different pairs.  And whatever you do, never give the popular kids a reason to call you OTWCW (Out of Touch With the Cool World).

This will be Asa’s last year at middle school and she wants to make it memorable by leaving the outer fringe of the popularity circle and heading for the center.  Asa believes the fastest way to get noticed is to join the popular girls’ fad.  First, she’ll have to convince Jennifer, the most popular girl in school, to tell her what the latest fad is and that won’t be easy.  Then she’ll have to convince her two best friends her scheme to join the “in” crowd won’t turn her into a snob.  Meanwhile Domino, the same guy from next door who used to drop beetles down her back, is starting to look dreamy to Asa.  Will he ever kiss her?

Life at home isn’t running too smoothly either.  Even though her mom married Asa’s stepdad, Eddie Clegg, over six years ago Asa still doesn’t know what to call him.  “Eddie” seems disrespectful, “Mr. Clegg” too formal.  Now that her stepdad has lost his second job and her mom is working extra hours Asa and Eddie begin, for the first time, to tiptoe around a father/daughter relationship.  They discover they can work well together, but that usually means keeping secrets from Mom.  And the biggest secret is hiding Eddie’s drinking problem which seems to be getting worse.

The ever positive Asa is sure there’s a solution to every problem, even Eddie’s.  And she won’t give up until she finds it.